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Oil type Rectifier Transformer

Oil type Rectifier Transformer

Product Description

Special industry applying rectifier transformer

Rectifier Transformers is the power of the rectifier equipment, most DC power source and the DC power supply of electronic system are supplied by AC network and the equipment which is composed by the rectifier transformers and rectifier. So the rectifier transformer are widely used in electrochemical electrolysis, electronic traction, DC power transmission, frequency conversion and industry rectifier power.etc. All of these transformers are low loss and energy-saving products and could be special designed according to the customer's requirement.

Operation Condition

  1. Ambient Temperature: Max temp, +40°C, Min temp ,-30°(revise if it is beyond the range )

  2. Altitude : <1000m (temperature rise and external insulation distance to be modified if> 1000m)

  3. Relative humidity : <90% (25℃ )

  4. External Pollution Class : 4

Technical data